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Non Profit
One integrated, cloud application to manage your entire organization.

Best Resource Utilization

Now make your connections strong with existing donors, get new supporters and provide better programs and services.

Boost Your Objective

By providing best products and services, you can grab the opportunity and leverage Arion ERP to fulfill all your business objectives.

Easy to Use

Now you can easily handle maintaining multiple systems and take care of your core business objective.

Product Features

Nonprofit Financial Management

Now have the power to handle your finances via a powerful nonprofit financial management and accounting system. This solution is specifically built to meet all the complex needs of nonprofit organizations. Easily identify costs and track and report on grants, funds, programs, projects and so on. Easily track restricted and unrestricted funds and report against any unknown restrictions.

Spend Management

Have full accountability and control of your funds and gain complete control and have the right visibility of all your total spendings. From the acquisition to payment, automate everything complete procurement process for goods and services. Accept a variety of credit and debit card types and other electronic forms of payment for online payment processing needs.

Constituent Relationship Management

Boosts your organization with a comprehensive picture of all your donors, volunteers, supporters, clients everything in one place. Know everything about all constituent transactions through all touch points, including E-commerce. Establish customized workflows and processes to match the needs of your organization. Capture all constituent transactions through all touch points, including E-commerce.

Case Studies

Estimable non-profit organization working in corporate and government sectors.

World-class science and technology university offering graduate courses.

Well-established software company tailoring solutions for telecommunications industry.


Handle all your payment lifecycle, from a pledge to payment, and grow the support you need for long-term success. Efficiently automate membership billing, with easy billing and payment schedules you can manage all transactions and routings all in one single place. Receive and process donations online, schedule donations and automate all your donation processes.

Financial Planning

Take care of all your nonprofit financial transactions the right tools by your side. You can be assured that you achieve all the right growth and development and most importantly your business mission. Easily centralize your budget with forecast and actual information in one place, providing a single version of the truth. Consolidate and make driver-based plans with customized data entry sheets.

Effective Ecommerce

If you sell items or fundraising premiums, our highly effective e-commerce solution gives you what you want in no time. Now you can quickly integrate this solution with your entire business. Handle orders from multiple channels, manage end-to-end physical inventory and distribution including shipping, receiving and returning everything in one place.

Reporting and Analytics

Be its reporting and analytics to insight and decision-making, gain a 360-degree picture of all your nonprofit in real-time and. Now you can create nonprofit reports be it Activities, Cash Flows, Functional Expenses, Form 990, and state of Financial Position, and so on. And ensure that you comply with all the rules and regulations and reduce risk with robust security

Global Management

Effectively achieve all your goals in the global market and utilize your resources on achieving social impact, without any complexities. This global CRM helps get you more visibility and insight into every aspect of your multinational organization, even if you have to deal with multiple languages, currencies, which can include forecasts, campaigns, and reporting.

Customer Success Stories

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    Arionerp provided the perfect ERP solution for my every changing automotive business.

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    Very user-friendly and affordable. A highly capable tool that really brought great improvements in our day-to-day operations.

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    Excellent customer support which led to seamless integration of the solution into our company.