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Automate Maintenance

Plan preventive maintenance to keep your process going well.

Arion evaluates standard statistics to help you get preventive maintenance which includes, MTTR (mean time to repair), MTBF (mean time between failures) as even the expected time for the next failure. This helps you to automate maintenance and metrology.

Manage Maintenance Requests

Organize all your maintenance requests with kanban views and calender.

Now, it is easy to track all the progress of the maintenance requests with the great calendar and the kanban view. You can make use of a calendar to manage and plan activities. You can help your team to access the drag and drop interface for better management.

Increase the Effectiveness

Make everything done easier with the efficient equipment.

The manufacturing team can initiate maintenance requests in their work process control panel directly. your people will get real-time updates when your maintenance team will take the right action. It will reduce downtime and improve efficiency.