Why transportation management is an important module of school ERP

There was a time that walking to school was the safest option for children. Parents were afraid to send their children to school on public transport. The children used to only attend nearby schools because they could walk to school, and parents felt safer. Schools and institutes have become more spread out as cities get larger. They offer transportation to pick-up and drop-off.

Parents want to offer their children safety and security while they commute. This is the number one priority for schools. The Transportation Management System streamlines the process.

What is a Transport Management System (TMS)?

The transportation management system allows schools to manage their entire bus fleet seamlessly. It automates all tasks, including scheduling a driver, picking up the child, routing changes, or changing the timing.

School ERP Management solutions streamline transportation and make administrative tasks easier. This integrated end-to-end management system helps to manage all the transportation-related information such as Vehicle number, allocated driver, the route, and more. The system also includes a payment gateway that makes it easy for parents to make payments. You can view the payment history and see who has paid what dues.

Benefits of a Transport Management System

1. Schools can plan for driver schedules

Schools can keep track of drivers and their schedules using transportation management software. It provides transparency for parents regarding the driver and keeps them updated about their child. Schools can see the driver schedule and make any necessary changes. They can also find other drivers who are available for the same time slot if a driver is unavailable.

2. Modify bus routes more easily

Schools can schedule and modify routes efficiently using the transportation management system. Bus routes can change depending on demand. This allows school administrators to modify or delete routes and assign new routes.

New students are added to schools every school year. They may also require bus services. Transportation Management ERP solutions can make it easier to change bus routes.

3. Simple Fee and Payroll Management

The integrated payment system for transport management makes it easy for parents to pay the fees, collect receipts, and review history regarding previous payments. Schools are updated about managing salaries for bus drivers, conductors, dues of students, and other details.

4. Parents receive regular alerts

Parents can keep track of their child's commute using the transportation system. They can also be kept informed on a regular basis about delays and pick up/drop at the exact location at any time.

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The safety of their children is a major concern for parents. The safety of children is a major concern for schools.

It helps schools to be the best. It provides the most reliable and safest transportation system for students. Do you want to improve the reputation of your school by providing comprehensive transportation management and school bus services?

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