IIT Kharagpur developed ERP software, which was adopted by other IITs


IIT Ropar (and IIT Jodhpur) will now adopt the Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), which was extensively used by IIT Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur signed an MoU with both IITs to customize, install, and deploy the ERP system.

"This software, which was developed in India, was used across all major functions at the Institute to improve organization administration and shift operations to e management, via an intranet, internet, desktops, and mobiles. Nearly 2000 members of our teaching and non-teaching staff, and over 14000 students use this software on a regular basis. A large number of outside people also access the modules to their academic programs, guesthouse services, and other collaborators. This is yet another milestone in Atmanirbharta," remarked Professor Virendra K Tewari Director, IIT Kharagpur.

Modules included in the commercial version include Academics (including new admissions), Career Development, and Accounts. Modules are menu-driven and include role-based access, delegation, rule engine-based approval, and data-oriented process definition.

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The software's perpetual license costs are estimated at Rs 2.5 crores, including installation support and initial customization. This is followed by an annual consulting cost of Rs 50-Rs 75 lakh. The project lasts 18 months.

Professor Chittaranjan Mandal is the head of IIT Kharagpur's ERP division. He stated, "Our software is uniquely designed to provide circumspect support institution function covering admissions and academics, placements, hostel management, recruitment faculty, and non-faculty posts, research and consultancy activities and accounts, institutional works and guest house management. The MoU covers all necessary end-user customizations, training of staff to support operation, as well as further customization and user end. We are thrilled with the positive response to our ERP from IIT Ropar & IIT Jodhpur.