A Process, People, or Tools: Inventory Management?

Are the processes that you have put in place important? Are you referring to the software that you use? Yes, processes are important. They set the framework for how your management works. The software you choose will affect how inventory data is analyzed, aligned with goals, and presented for actions. Both can be very useful and make your life easier.

In inventory management software, we've learned that the people in charge of your inventory process have the greatest impact on your overall success. This has been true for 30 years. While software solutions can organize your data and alert you to potential threats, and suggest the next steps, it is you and your team who make the most impact on your success.

Although many of these software and practices are designed to reduce human error, they cannot replace our unrivaled intuition and common sense. The single most important improvement to inventory management is to ensure that your team members are well-trained on the tools they use as well as up-to-date on best practices. It is not enough to train them to run reports and respond to alerts. Automating processes is not the same as automating people. A proactive approach to inventory control requires a team that can analyze, question, apply knowledge to data collected through your software and procedures. Their expertise will make your software and inventory management processes less efficient.

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Inventory management is the most important practice. Invest in the education and professional development of your inventory managers. We make sure your processes, people, and tools are in place.