7 Benefits of migrating your ERP to the cloud


Businesses that use on-premises software are still struggling with today's problems. You can set your company up for success by moving your ERP to the cloud. These are the top seven major benefits of moving to cloud computing.

1. Lower Setup and Implementation costs. On-premises deployments often require significant hardware and staff investment. Cloud-based software is able to be hosted off-site and provided by expert provider support. This eliminates the need for additional hardware and personnel. Companies switch to cloud-based ERP because of the lower total cost of ownership.

2. Flexible data storage
When on-site servers reach capacity, additional hardware must be purchased. Cloud-based ERP allows companies to quickly scale up or down storage as required.

3. Streamlined Updates & Innovation
The process of updating on-site is time-consuming and requires skilled staff. To protect customizations, cloud-based upgrades are sent from the provider. Businesses with an up-to-date ERP system are half more likely to have business intelligence and analytics.

4. Simpler Data Backup & Restoration
Complex data backups in ERP on-premises require a maintenance plan in SQL Server, as well as other products/services. Cloud-based ERP allows users to have a daily system backup and also has the ability to create backups for themselves.

5. Increased security and scalability
On-premises environments can be less secure and require additional monitoring as well as a dedicated IT administrator. Microsoft-managed data centers are certified and compliant with international standards.

6. Active Directory authentication makes it difficult to remotely access an on-premises installation. Separate authentication is possible with cloud-based ERP. This allows you to access your software remotely from any device.

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7. Common Data Platform
Integration with other applications is often more difficult for on-premises solutions. Common Data Service, Microsoft's cloud-based solution, allows you to create new data models and apps that use connected data.