Cloud-Based ERP Secures Your Data

Forbes reported on a growing concern that we hear about from businesses in every industry: cybersecurity attacks. These attacks are affecting so many businesses that it is difficult to keep your data safe. 

Forbes' article explains that modernizing your ERP system is the best way to protect your data from being stolen. Forbes says that what is needed to protect against ransomware is an updated security model. This goes beyond backing up files and protecting endpoints.


Cetec ERP offers cloud hosting for free in Google Cloud Compute. Google Cloud Compute: Why? Simply put, Google excels at what they do. Their security whitepaper states that Google Cloud is built on a technology platform that was conceived, designed, and built to operate securely. Security is not an option, but an integral part of the company's operation. Your data is protected by the security measures Google has put in place. This page contains more information on Google security measures. Cetec ERP is also a Cloud-Native Platform. This means we can understand the requirements of companies that run their business on the cloud. We provide state-of-the-art security features, including electronic security and physical security on site. Additionally, we have a hardened Unix server for single purposes and dedicated resources that are closed to the outside world. We encourage users to be aware of security best practices and educate employees about how to protect their data.


The lack of backups is a problem with older ERP systems. Forbes gives an example of an old, on-premise ERP system that was hacked and then restored from a backup. Forbes says that the backup was updated once per week. However, operations were halted nonetheless. Even with backups, this can cause operations to be halted for hours or days. The financial loss and negative impact on business are significant. Google cloud servers are backed up nightly. This means that your data can be quickly recovered if there is an attack on the network. Your business will also be back up and running in no time. Cetec ERP allows users to download and store backups at any time. Learn how to download and store backups using Cetec ERP's how-to page.


If you don't wish to use Google Cloud Compute, can you still use Cetec ERP? Yes. Yes! Cetec ERP can still be used if you prefer to use a third-party or resident host or if your organization has specific requirements such as ITAR compliance. A one-time fee is charged for setting up your server. There is also a monthly fee to maintain your connection and update your system. To learn more, visit our Expert services page.

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It is not a good way to manage a business. You must ensure that your company's data are protected. Cetec ERP's cloud-based software helps you balance being alert to potential threats and focusing on your day-to-day operations.