Important ERP Modules by Arion ERP for Uplifting Your Business Processes

Arion ERP software is a complete integrated ERP system that provides the best business solutions for different industries. Arion ERP software includes more than 1,000 modules and applications that allow you to manage every business process efficiently. This allows for a simplified workflow. Arion ERP automates all aspects of business, including inventory, finance, sales, orders, and accounting.

It has an intuitive and robust interface that makes it easy to manage. Arion ERP is an ERP software that is flexible, scalable, and can be fully customized to meet your business needs. It also includes thousands of other applications that can be modified and implemented according to your business processes.

There are almost 35 ERP modules that cover a wide range of business processes. These include eCommerce, sales, and inventory. Businesses can also choose the modules that best suit their specific business processes. The best part about ERP is that you don't need to purchase multiple software programs for different tasks. It's cost-effective too. You can choose between the Enterprise or Community editions.

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Let's now discuss the most important modules that almost every business requires. A trusted consultant from Arion ERP shares his insights.


Every business should integrate the sales module into their ERP. This module automates and manages sales orders. This module allows ERP users to create sales orders and check on existing sales orders simultaneously. If an order has been confirmed, the order process will begin automatically without any external triggers. This allows for invoicing at the final stage.

Highlighted features:

  • All sales information will be displayed on one screen.

  • Total control of billing, delivery, and sales orders.

Accounting and finance

Arion ERP's finances and accounting module covers accounting and tax management functions, as well as statement management and electronic bank transfers.

Important aspects:

  • Analytical support and cost accounting

  • All financial data in one location.

  • No more manual entries and quick calculations.


Arion ERP's inventory module makes it easy to manage multiple inventories, stock locations, and warehouses. Users can also easily define the input, stock, and output locations for each warehouse and inventory.

Important aspects:

  • Multiple warehouses can easily be created at different locations.

  • Double-entry management makes inventory control flexible and robust.

  • You can track the outgoing as well as incoming goods.

  • This module can be integrated with the ERP stock module.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The ERP CRM module allows for quick customer service, prompt communication, customer service, customer communications, and notification, which all contribute to better customer relationship management. This module makes it easy to manage all customer information.

The CRM module's key features:

  • The module can also be integrated with the purchase and sales modules to provide better customer support and services.

  • Automated management of all customers and details

Project Management

Arion ERP's project management module makes it easy to manage your projects, including budget and reports.

Important aspects:

  • It is easy to integrate tasks and timesheets.

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Human Resources

The HR module of Arion ERP helps automate and manage leaves, payroll, leave requests, attendance, work hours, and other aspects for employees.

Highlighted features:

  • It is easy to integrate and manage HR reports for each employee.

These modules are mandatory and allow companies to automate and efficiently handle the most important tasks. This results in increased ROI and productivity.