Benefits of Implementing Arion ERP for Small Manufacturing Businesses


A small business can be managed by one person or a small team. A small business generates less revenue than a larger business. For small businesses to be successful in planning and managing their business, they need support. It is important to reduce unnecessary costs in a small business. Every small business must be concerned about rapid growth and expansion.

Manufacturing is one of the most promising business sectors. Many small-scale manufacturing companies are looking for reliable software systems to help them grow quickly and manage their business effectively.

A small manufacturing company with 100 employees will have employees in different areas and working centers, such as warehouses, supply chains, and inventories. This will mean that each department will have fewer employees. This makes it even more important for small-scale manufacturing companies to use ERP software or Enterprise Resource Planning software to automate and regulate their operations.

Arion ERP is the best ERP for manufacturing businesses. It features a new manufacturing module that improves efficiency and streamlines manufacturing businesses' workflows. This module gives users a comprehensive overview of all the processes. This module can also be used to track product movements and functions. This module can integrate and manage everything, from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of finished goods.

Product Management

Arion ERP's manufacturing module allows users to prepare the product list automatically. The module can be used to prepare a list of products for a furniture manufacturer's business. The list will contain every detail about each product, including the price, material type, and dimensions.

Product Variant Management

Product variants can include things like colors, sizes, or other unique characteristics. This means that a product could have multiple product variants. A chair can come in different sizes and colors just like a furniture manufacturer. Arion ERP modules make it easy to manage product variants. Users can create product variants easily and add attributes according to their requirements.

Bill of Material Generation

Arion ERP’s manufacturing module allows users to quickly and easily record all components used in generating the bill-of-materials. It also allows you to record the number of products simultaneously.

Lot Management or Serial Number Management

Arion ERP will allow users to add serial numbers, lot numbers, the number of products in a batch, and product names. You can also add product descriptions with lot numbers or serial numbers.

Plan Production

Arion ERP allows you to plan production activities based on work orders. Users can also schedule activities according to the manufacturing orders and work hours.

Order Management

This software allows users to manage manufacturing orders efficiently. Users can also create new orders and monitor all orders simultaneously. This ERP module gives users an overview of all manufacturing orders and product names. It also allows them to view the status of their orders and determine the availability of components.


It can thus be concluded that Arion ERP’s manufacturing module assists small-scale businesses in managing their end-to-end operations, from the management of the production complexities to the management of BOM plans manufacturing orders, tracking work orders, and nearly everything else. The software can be a cost-effective choice for small businesses because it provides an all-inclusive integration solution to all of their operations.