What are the Benefits of IoT Inventory Serialization?


Serialization of inventory is the greatest innovation in inventory management. Because it contains the most important logic to allow ERP systems to track data, it is the best way to keep track of current inventory levels.

IoT devices are rapidly becoming popular in offices and homes. These devices can be installed as sensors throughout the building. IoT sensors are used to monitor temperature, humidity, vibration, motion, temperature, and wall breaches. It can become very difficult to manage the number of sensors in a building or organization.

Concept Of Serialization

Nearly all electronic equipment has unique serial numbers. This allows devices to be tracked without duplicates. This makes it possible to track the sensors in multiple locations, which can be hard to remember. Serialization allows you to store details about each sensor including its location, type, date, and installation date. It is possible to store the details of each sensor easily.

IoT Inventory Serialization

Serialization software for IoT sensors can be a boon to businesses, especially if they rely heavily on the devices' smooth operation. Hotels, factories, offices, and buildings are all examples of such organizations.

You can enjoy the following benefits once you have all these sensors stored in an ERP system that allows serialized IoT inventories:

Faulty Sensors

Because the ERP system has location information, it will make it easier to locate any sensors that have stopped working. You can label the sensors and check the database to see if there is a problem. The system will include the exact serial number and location of each device so it is easy to highlight without needing to test all other devices.


Many of these IoT sensors are powered by batteries. To maintain a smooth workflow, these batteries must be replaced. The serialized inventory system will include information about the date of installation and the last time that the batteries were changed. This will make it easier for businesses to manage maintenance in a more focused way. Imagine that multiple sensors could become very difficult to maintain if this information was not stored or accessible.

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Locate Sensors

There are too many sensors installed around buildings. It wouldn't surprise me that there are many sensors around a building. If the sensors aren't kept in order, it would be difficult to find out if they have stopped working. A serialized IoT device inventory will help businesses pinpoint the exact location and coordinates of every sensor. It can also help to highlight other areas that might be required, such as walls or sensitive walls, to detect breaches.


IoT serialization has many benefits. As technology adoption increases, businesses will need to adopt such solutions. It is clear that organizations are becoming smarter through the use of new technologies. But, in order to implement new technologies successfully, it is necessary to manage miniature sensors through dedicated software.

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