Manage Routing of Your Manufacturing Business with Arion ERP


Digital transformation is a constant reality in our world. One of the biggest challenges is adapting to changing consumer behavior and anticipating new business opportunities. You need to be different in a market saturated with information and products if you want your manufacturing business to stand out from the rest.

A manufacturer, for example, needs to streamline business processes such as the generation of an accurate quotation based on cost and the Bill of Materials. Once the job is won, the next steps are to convert the quotes into sales orders, generate work orders, and launch the MRP. This allows you to manage material, work-centers, and resources required for order fulfillment. This is where you will need to use capacity planning and engineering. It's important to integrate Arion ERP, the most advanced ERP software into your manufacturing processes.

Production scheduling is an important component of a manufacturing process. It can be further broken down into:

Production Routing

The routing of an order is the first step in product development. This discrete manufacturing process requires that a route (sequence or operations from one machine to another) be followed by product development until the item is ready for market. Manufacturers aim to be thorough throughout the entire process, from acquiring raw materials to shipping the product.

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You don't just want to travel from point A (material purchase) to point B (finished product). But you also want the fastest and most cost-effective route between the two points. This is where routing comes in. For an optimized supply chain, every manufacturer requires a flexible and precise production routing.

Manufacturing Routing Features & Capabilities

To create precise product specifications and manage all relevant data from a single screen, custom manufacturers need integrated BOM/Routing. You can also have a single- or multi-level deep-BOM Router assembly, as provided by the world-leading ERP system.

Materials Effectivity

It allows you to determine the effectiveness and expiration dates for required materials and allow you to use them on a multi-level or single-level basis. It is possible to create production routers using BOM items or Work Centers (manual resources and machines used in operations) that are related to the operations (jobs required to be done at a particular time).

Capacity Planning

It is useful for scheduling and capacity planning. Depending on the machine's capabilities and functions, you can place the machines that you require on the shop floor. APS scheduling allows for the optimal allocation of raw materials, hardware, and other processing (painting and silk screening, etc.). to meet customer demand.

Engineering Change Request

This inventory management software allows you to track manufacturing requirements, revision changes, and part updates. The items can be locked while they are being worked on. If a client asks for an earlier shipping date, you can modify the router quickly and easily. Even if the request is made mid-production, it can be accommodated without any hassle and without placing additional orders in the backseat.

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Inspection Templates

To be used in your work orders, you can create inspection templates that have dimensions. To ensure that parts and materials are in good condition on the shop floor, these templates can be set up with maximum and minimal tolerance levels.

Closing Thoughts

Arion ERP is the right choice for custom manufacturers looking to improve their business' efficiency and profitability. Arion ERP is a flexible software that allows you to view the entire product structure and its engineering and financial details. You can also plan and manage inventory, finance, and manufacturing processes efficiently and quickly.