List of all the Latest Features of the Arion ERP Accounting Module


Accounting is an important aspect of any company's operation. It is crucial to managing all accounting tasks. If not carefully managed, your accounting management strategy can make or break your company's profits. If you have to manage a long list of financial accounts, it can become a tedious job that can consume most of your time.

Arion ERP software can save you and your staff from these frustrating and difficult tasks. This one-stop solution for all your business accounting needs will allow accounting to manage all financial tasks automatically and easily. Arion ERP's latest version now features an advanced accounting module that makes things easier and faster. Companies can now make the most of their ERP software in a shorter time frame by integrating the accounting module. This Accounting module makes it easier to integrate different payment gateways.

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Here are the details about the Arion ERP Accounting module

The Accounting Dashboard

Arion ERP's Accounting Dashboard has improved options to run financial and account aspects automatically and easily. The dashboard's advanced options allow you to interact with customers and vendors directly through the intuitive interface. You can also view vendor bills and connect with banks to generate invoices and conduct tax invoice operations.


You can now create invoices for different customers directly from the invoice window within the customer tab. This feature allows users to create bills for customers by creating the invoices of the products purchased. Integration of invoice functionality with the Arion ERP platform is possible. This invoice window also allows you to view the invoices that have been generated. Other than invoice generation, users have the ability to perform many other operations.

  • Make follow-up reports.

  • You can view all products or add new products.

  • You can view all customers' lists and add customers.

Vendors menu

The Accounting dashboard's vendor menu allows for various functions such as refunds, payments, creation of new vendors, and many more. All of these operations can be initiated from the menu.

  • Bills: This menu allows users to generate bills for all vendors. These bills can be generated based on the delivered products and the ordered products.

  • Refunds: Businesses might be required to exchange, return, or refund products from time to time. This new Accounting ERP module offers the ability to request a refund amount based on the item.

  • Payments: All payment procedures for vendor bills can be viewed here.

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Accounting Menu

This option allows users to perform different accounting tasks. This feature allows users to review and check journal entries. This menu also allows for different management tasks such as asset management, revenue management, transfers, and so on.


This option is available in the Accounting module and allows for quick and easy analytical and descriptive report generation. This window lets users quickly generate financial reports, balance statements, and cash flow statements.

Arion ERP integrates all your business requirements into one integrated ERP system. It is feature-rich and easy to use. The Accounting module, which is among the many new and improved modules, is the most important. It allows businesses to quickly and efficiently handle large numbers of financial calculations and accounting tasks without having to use manual resources or invest long hours. These tasks can be automatically managed, which results in zero errors when calculating.