Benefits of Integrating E-commerce Business with Arion ERP


The way companies run their business has been transformed by E-Commerce. Your business could be at risk if you do not have integrated ERP and web development in order to grow your online business. The way organizations do business has been completely transformed by the website. It is crucial that all parties accept changes and find new ways to expand their markets and reach more people. Competitiveness is essential.

How to start an e-commerce company

It is crucial to search for web developers that offer a wide range of services to help your business succeed in the virtual world. You need to not only vet the company but also streamline your processes to make sure you are using the right technology for your business. Integrating an ERP with your website is the best way to reduce costs, attract and retain customers, adjust inventory, upload product data, and increase sales. These tasks will require more energy and time than you can spend on them. An ERP will increase the likelihood of new opportunities and decrease the chance of errors.

In these uncertain times, almost all businesses need an online store. If a web developer isn't hired and the website isn't integrated with the ERP system, managing an online storefront can be a stressful task for retailers.

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What are the benefits of selling online to companies?

If your website isn't up-to-the-mark or poorly integrated with an ERP, online orders can cause problems for your business. ERPs can firstly improve efficiency. It is impossible to manually transfer all data from your online store into your backend accounting system when you receive large orders. This can be costly and difficult to manage. Businesses integrate ERP to get the information and analytics they need, including customers, orders, inventory, and shipping.

This will also allow you to update all information at two levels instead of one.

Enhances backend processes

It will allow organizations to streamline their processes. Orders placed on the website will automatically transfer to your ERP system in real-time. Inventory will automatically be updated as new products are sold. This will make life easier for your staff as they won't need to manually enter data and reduce the chance of making mistakes.

Synchronizes customer records, streamlines inventory management

This will make sure that your sales order is moved efficiently from your website to the warehouse within minutes. As mentioned, when an order has been placed, inventory and client details are stored. These details are then automatically updated. If a client changes their shipping address, the updated information will be automatically recorded and synchronized across the two channels.

Customers also have access to real-time inventory levels as they place orders. This can help reduce communication regarding expectations of availability.

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Time saved

Ecommerce businesses often have either one-way or batch updates. However, integration can drastically reduce the redundancy of many repetitive efforts. A two-way, real-time flow of data can allow the in-house team to focus on more important tasks than manually adding the data every time. The website can manage the inventory and software will update it.


The comprehensive ERP software solution from ArionERP provides a wide range of modules that can be used to assist organizations in managing their clients, employees, administration, business processes, and more. Our integrated eCommerce platform makes it easy to manage sales and inventory via automated reporting and stock adjustments. Our portals are rich in features that allow customers to organize their customer data with claims tracking and order tracking. Customers can download delivery orders, and invoices and check for pending shipments.