How does Cloud ERP Prepare your Business from Disruption


Cloud ERP services are becoming increasingly popular with businesses across all industries and sizes. The global market for cloud ERP is expected to reach US $28.8 million by 2022. Businesses are moving to cloud services for lower operating costs, faster time to market, better collaboration, and greater flexibility. Cloud technology allows businesses to manage their data and prepares them for disruption.

Cloud ERP Makes you Ready to Face Disruption

The world is currently experiencing a coronavirus epidemic at the time this article was written. The world is on the verge of financial disaster as COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, spreads like wildfire. The coronavirus, or Covid-19, has a severe and devastating impact on both domestic and international businesses in all sectors and countries. Social distancing is the best way to prevent coronavirus.

Many countries, including India, the USA, France, and Spain, have implemented lockdown as a quarantine measure for the entire population. Many organizations have implemented mandatory work-from-home policies as part of COVID-19. Cloud ERP allows you to quickly react to any disruptions that COVID-19 might have on your business.

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Let's see how Cloud ERP can help you adapt quickly to disruptive times

All Your Corporate Data in One Place. This is one of the greatest benefits of cloud ERP. Data is typically collected using spreadsheets, then entered into an on-premise system. This can lead to manual errors and delays in getting project information. Cloud ERP allows you to instantly access all your corporate data from any device, whether it's a laptop or a smartphone via the internet. Cloud ERP allows employees to find customer information, track budgets, and keep track of expenses, regardless of whether they are working remotely or at home.

Project Tracking & Management – Professional service companies that use multiple systems to track project times often suffer from inefficiency and inaccurate data. There is also the possibility of human errors and delays in getting project information. Cloud ERP integrates project management capabilities, eliminating the need to use multiple systems. Cloud ERP provides real-time visibility to metrics such as resource utilization, percent project completion, budget to actual hours, and the ability to assign the right resource to the right job. This allows you to deliver projects in a stipulated timeframe even during disruptive times.

Our Pick- Arion ERP

Arion ERP is the #1 Cloud Business Management Software. It holds all corporate data in a single database. This gives you real-time visibility to key performance metrics and allows you to make better data-driven decisions. Arion ERP offers comprehensive customer-facing capabilities such as CRM and eCommerce, back-office ERP, and self-service portals.

This allows companies to unify disparate data and automate all processes. Arion ERP offers powerful capabilities in Project Management, Resource Management, and Project Accounting. It also allows you to improve project delivery and project management. Arion ERP Developers can be hired to customize the system for your business. Arion ERP Developer Tools allows them to customize ERP modules to meet your business requirements or create completely new applications.

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