ERP solutions' effectiveness in accounting modules

It's 2021, and DOS has come to an end. Tally accounting solution is a major player in the Indian market. Cloud-based accounting has made accounting a lot more accessible. Accounting module ERP solutions provide a seamless and intuitive user experience with a striking design that's super easy to use.

Latest and most innovative features in accounting ERP

These are some of the most useful features of accounting ERP software that aren't available in traditional software.

Cloud-based-Access is available 24x7 from any location, even while you're in transit.

Mobile responsive-It also includes a mobile-responsive design, which can be accessed from any Macbook, laptop, tablet, PC, or mobile device.

Integrated CRM-Accounting module included ERP software solutions With the GPS-ensured Mobile App, you can keep track of sales reps, send them quotations and maintain follow-ups.

Sales executive module-For analyzing the transactions of any broker, agent, or sales executive, originate reports and graphs are available.

Business insights, dashboards, and analytics-You can create dynamic graphs and reports to analyze your data using different criteria.

Man management-Monitor the cost of each job, profitability from clients, and employee performance.

Linking to a Proforma Invoice or Delivery ChallanInvoice Delivery Challans directly or Proforma Invoice. Monitor unbilled Challans.

Incorporated Help Desk for After AMC and After Sales Support -Dashboard to track complaints, monitor support team, allot tickets and obtain customer feedback.

MIS alerts-Get SMS or Email alerts about daily sales, collection, stock below the reorder level, etc.

Email/SMS integration-Automated SMS/Email alerts sent for transactions and events

Integration with payment gateway-Accept credit/debit cards, net banking, and other payment methods and create receipts.

Multi-company/Department/Branch-You can view centralized data from multiple ventures, departments, or branches.

Multi-location access-Multiple users can simultaneously access and update data from different locations at the same time.

Multiwindow operation-You can simultaneously use multiple vouchers at once without having to close a transaction.

Screens and reports-Reports and screens allow you to add or remove columns easily.

Document Management-Attach JPG/PDF to each voucher and print/view using a quick search.

Role-based security with audit trail-Allow users to have restricted access and track each user's activities.

The learning curve doesn't matter if you take a course or are a professional accountant.

Approval System-Instead of entering data manually, check and approve the entries.

A question may now pop up in your head: "What are the benefits to the accounting module?"ERP solutions here's the answer.

Access to real-time data-Multiple offices or factories can be synchronized simultaneously so that all users can access the relevant information and update entries. Data synchronization is done in real-time so you don't have to worry about it.

Transit is possible ERP software solutions You can access your data from anywhere, at any time. Access your data from any device, including your Macbook, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or mobile phone.

Your field staff can be granted access. They can also update information with their mobile phones in real-time. It will allow you to capture data directly at the source, simplifying reporting and simplifying MIS.

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Analytics-It is all about making the right decisions at the right times in business. ERP solutions As they easily track their business KPIs, business owners can make informed decisions. Through MIS alerts, all stakeholders are regularly updated on multiple aspects of the business. They also have access to their dashboard, all reports, and graphs from their mobile phones, which allows them to secure the information they need.

Usability- ERP software solutions They are intuitive and easy to use. Even if the user does not have any prior accounting knowledge or software training, it can be used easily. ERP can be used in SMEs where the business owner wants to have easy-to-use and understandable accounting information.

Cost- ERP software solutions you don't need to buy multiple licenses if there are many offices, factories, or godowns in the country. ERP is also built with powerful database management software (MS-SQL), and the latest technology. This means that you don't need to buy expensive server large data copies.

These are the main benefits of ERP's accounting module. You can reap many benefits from ERP implementation. Contact us to learn more. ERP solutions For your business.