Boost your Business Efficiency with Arion ERP eCommerce Integration

Arion ERP eCommerce integration is essential for all businesses today in order to increase efficiency and maximize the potential of the industry vertical. Arion ERP eCommerce integration allows businesses to improve their core business functions by using ERP modules and features.

It also streamlines business operations through automated processes. It has also led to a significant increase in productivity and sales. Arion ERP eCommerce integration makes it easy to manage orders, inventory, sales, customers, orders, billing, and other important information.

Here is a list of Arion ERP eCommerce Integration features

Multi-Store Support:

eCommerce businesses can manage multiple stores using Arion ERP software integration. Each store can have a different design, currency, language, and price list.

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Supports Product Variant creation:

There are many products that businesses can make with different attributes, such as different colors, designs, prices, and sizes.

Inline Editing

Arion ERP also allows you to create product pages by using the "edit inline" approach.

Building Blocks System:

Ecommerce businesses can easily create product pages by simply dragging the customizable building groups. To showcase as much information as possible about the products, you can also describe them in a table format.

Online Formula Builder:

Ecommerce businesses can now create visually appealing, simple web forms that capture visitors' data easily.

Live Chat embedded:

Arion ERP now offers a live chat option that allows businesses to provide immediate support and real-time information to customers.

A Simple Search System:

Arion ERP integration allows eCommerce businesses to include a search engine and filter options in their online shops.

Customer Portal:

eCommerce businesses can integrate Arion ERP software to allow customers to track their orders and shipping status. They can also view the return policy and shipping policy via the customer portal.

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More Shipping Methods:

Arion ERP integration allows eCommerce businesses to speed up shipment times and track orders using ERP features like UPS, DHL shipping connectors, and FedEx.

Fully Integrated payments:

Ecommerce businesses can allow their customers to pay directly through popular gateways such as PayPal.

Calculation of Shipping Costs and Other Costs:

Ecommerce businesses can now use Arion ERP's custom package template to create their own accounts charts. This template contains all the pre-set taxes and accounts.

Sales Data Analytics:

Arion ERP can be used to highlight the number of products that have been sold by an eCommerce company. Managers can display a graph showing monthly sales by category, and then add this data to their dashboard using the ERP integration.

  • Arion ERP eCommerce integration integrates data with Arion ERP to sync your business' data. This can help increase efficiency.
  • All product information that is available on the website should be updated in the Arion ERP system. Any changes made to product details will be automatically updated in Arion ERP ERP.
  • All transaction details, including payment gateways, must be synchronized in Arion ERP ERP.
  • Customers must also sync their orders on the e-stores with the Arion ERP system.

To be able to understand both employees and customers, the ERP system must also sync the product quantity information with the eCommerce site.

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Arion ERP has proven to be the perfect fit for eCommerce businesses with its many features and modules. Arion ERP provides everything you need to manage eCommerce business processes, from CRM management to orders, sales, and purchases. It makes sense to get the most recent version.