4 Advantages of Automation: From Payment to Invoice

Paired with accounts payable automation technology and payment automation technology, you can create the ultimate cost-saving and efficient toolkit for your company's AP department.

Why is AP automation and Payment Automation better together? They work better together:

Empower remote workers: Automation accelerates decision making, simplifies business processes, and eliminates tedious tasks. This allows your team to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere they are while ensuring that the data and information they are using is secure and protected.

Lower fraud risk: Automation uses cloud technology, which makes it more secure than other technologies that you have installed on your computer. Your team can be confident that information stored in the cloud is accessible only by team members who have the right permissions. AP and payment automation reduce back-and-forth emails by reducing the need to send out emails.

Faster disaster recovery: The combination of AP automation with payment automation helps businesses recover faster from disasters. Business processes can continue as usual, regardless of where they are located. All of your data can be stored in the cloud so you don't need to worry about it being lost if your office is damaged by water or fire. You can send invoices to your team, continue processing them, indexing them, and sending them out without losing a beat.

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Reduces time and costs: Employees no longer have to carry physical documents around the office and send back-and-forth emails. They also don't need to search through filing cabinets looking for missing documents. This can lead to delays and loss of information. Automated workflows eliminate the need to do all of this and allow AP teams to ensure that payments are processed on time. Automated workflows save time for employees by eliminating manual data entry so your team can concentrate on other projects.