Appropriate Time To Switch From Legacy On-Premise ERP To The Cloud


In this dynamically changing business environment, it has become mandatory for the manufacturing industry to enhance productivity, and diminish material waste while increasing sales. However, while using a premise legacy system, manufacturers can neither meet exceeding customer expectations nor can address the complex challenges associated with the evolving competition.

Challenges Associated With On-Premise Legacy System

Version-locked on-premise ERP - Lack of visibility into critical data, incomplete data, and cumbersome manual processes in the on-premise legacy system prevent manufacturers from growing. Today's manufacturing market needs a proven solution that can deliver real-time visibility to critical data while providing access to data from anywhere, on any device, alongside the ability to scale with your growing business. If you're running legacy ERP like Microsoft, Sage, or Quickbooks and surviving on spreadsheets you're more than likely struggling to assemble accurate data buried in the ERP due to disconnected systems.

High IT Costs - Legacy ERP solutions can drain your budget. Not only, legacy software solutions are slow to upgrade but are also difficult to customize to remain competitive in today's technical world. Older and more complex software system costs you more to operate and maintain. If your ERP is a true legacy system (a minimum of 8-10 years old), the TCO could be as much as five times more than a cloud-based ERP solution.

Limited Functionality - Old legacy ERP systems lack even simple reporting capabilities. Growing regulatory challenges, compliance risk, &financial penalties have become more frequent in today's scenario. However, legacy systems won't have the capability to ensure transparency, automation, simplicity, and controls in the management of your global tax.

Business Silos - Data silos can create lots of problems. If your data is coming from disparate systems, say IoT sensors, CRM, inventory, order management, partners, and more, then you need unified data to view in order to make well-informed decisions. However, legacy ERP is not built to unify all that information, which is a critical requirement for modern manufacturing.

Harness The Power Of Cloud To Drive Your Operational Efficiency

Reduce IT Expenses - Cloud ERP solutions are offered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and require a less upfront cost. With cloud solutions, your operating budget would be paid as you go.

Mobility - Cloud ERP is built for mobility. Cloud ERP enables real-time access to corporate data via any device on the internet. Manufacturing staff can use an app on a smartphone to access corporate data. With live data available to anyone with technical savvy to hack your cloud provider's network, your team can make well-informed decisions.

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Quickly On-boarding - Today's manufacturing wants an ERP system to be up and running quickly and as early as possible. Even though the customizations and extensions in on-premise take months, Cloud ERP can be deployed, upgraded, and customized quickly.

Arion ERP - Helping Manufacturing Industry To Grow And Stay Competitive

Arion ERP is the leading cloud ERP solution that enables companies to manage all key business processes in a single system. The initial costs of Arion ERP are typically much lower and you can access it through your computer's internet connection. While all the infrastructure and your data will be managed and maintained by Arion. Furthermore, with Arion ERP, the product enhancements are rolled out painlessly to your solution without breaking your previously implemented customizations.

In regards to the total cost of ownership, cloud-based ERP can cost 50 percent less than on-site ERP for a 100-employee company over a four-year period. Arion ERP automates front- and back-office processes including financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, billing, and inventory management, enabling top management to gain a view of key performance indicators in real-time.

You can manage your inventory and have fulfillment data updated on a regular basis. With Arion ERP software we can help you with implementation, customization, integration, & support services.