What can Arion ERP Invoicing Tools do for Your Business?


Arion ERP modules offer many benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. The module you decide to use will determine the features that you can actually utilize. Small businesses can greatly benefit from better pricing. Businesses can use the Arion ERP invoicing module in many ways to better understand their products and plan promotional events. Businesses that struggle to compete in the market will be able finally to achieve the increase in profits that they have always wanted.

Arion ERP helps you to create a resilient budget strategy

Money earned is money saved. A small business should consider its purchase costs when trying to increase its profit margins. Higher profits and cost savings can be achieved by negotiating better deals with suppliers. Arion ERP price lists can help you save money. There are many benefits to Arion ERP invoicing. One thing that is unique about Arion ERP invoicing is its ability to capture all details with respect to each purchase. This solution simplifies data management for small businesses by providing accurate accounting.

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Invoicing done right with price-lists

Invoicing can vary depending on what products are being offered and who the customers or clients are. Multiple price lists could be created based on these data. Arion ERP's Invoicing module is an ERP tool that allows you to manage multiple price lists and also maintain them by accurately recording and documenting any new information.

Businesses can keep both active and inactive prices-lists so they can go back and restart them depending on market triggers and seasonal events. These price lists can be used to both track sales and record purchases. It is a great way to increase the efficiency of business budgeting by having them all in one place. Businesses can modify or delete price lists that are already in place. You can choose to have price lists automatically updated depending on what functionality you need. 

This will ensure that updates are done promptly and without human error. If the business wants to reach a worldwide audience, they can use the Arion ERP tool's pricelists and flexibility for different transaction types. You can easily capture multiple currencies and conversion rates. Multiple primary currencies can be defined depending on where your business is located.

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Discounts that actually increase sales

Arion ERP users also have the option to use discount groups, which are similar to price lists. This feature is very useful for businesses that have a range of products and clients. You can target specific customers with discounts or introduce price reductions in certain segments of the market using Arion ERP. This allows you to control how many customers can receive the same offer and how often they can get them. 

This will allow you to adjust your pricing, especially if you want to improve customer retention. These discount groups can be used to attract customers by offering discounts, or price reductions for the first few purchases. It is possible to create discount groups that are vendor-based, customer-group-based, or business partner-based. Businesses can add free products to these groups in addition to discounts that are offered in different categories. All your promotional activities can be managed in one place. 

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This can lead to complicated calculations due to discounts that are based on quantity and item groups. Arion ERP simplifies all of this related pricing and discount-related activities and increases the user's convenience. Your business is not the only thing that needs to be known by everyone in your company.

You can use Arion ERP invoice modules to monitor your cash flow and improve your profits. Arion ERP ERP modules make efficient accounting possible.