Data Security is Critical in Choosing an ERP System


Cybercriminals are increasing in number each year.

Data Security is the practice of protecting digital data from unauthorized access.

The most trusted ERP providers offer security resources that many businesses cannot or won't afford. Make sure your provider offers

Privacy and Security Practices

ERP data security has been a top priority for leading ERP vendors. Their reputations are built upon it.

Industry Compliance

Manufacturing companies must adhere to industry and government standards.

Industry-Leading Application, Network, Infrastructure, and Physical Security Measures

Security measures for ERP data should include systems that detect suspicious activity and teams that are trained in cybersecurity.

Security Encryption

Data can be spread across multiple servers at different locations making it difficult to track private information. An ERP solution can also automatically back up data in case of a disaster.

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Rapid Incidence Response

The ERP vendor should monitor and characterize the system activity, report on it, and automate its logging. An ERP system that can detect and fix a problem immediately and then implement an update.

It is important that your ERP vendor regularly reviews, tests, and updates software to ensure resiliency. Employees can learn to spot phishing attacks, as well as how to improve security awareness.