Bad Consequences of Outgrown Legacy ERP in your Business


Financial software has improved to improve the efficiency and security of business operations through digital transformation. Many companies still use legacy systems due to fear of disruptions in workflow and increased costs. Although your legacy system may still be functional, hackers can easily hack into it, causing heavy losses for the company.

There are signs that it is time to upgrade your legacy systems

No updates

Non-updating software can cause crashes, slow down, or even stop working altogether. Cybercriminals can hack into your accounting system and steal or leak financial data if there are no updates.

Mobile Devices Not Operable

It can be difficult to access your financial data via your smartphone if your accounting software does not support IOS and android apps. You may need to travel to the office to complete simple financial tasks that you could have done at home with your tablet or phone.

The software takes more time than business

Accounting tasks should be made easier by financial software. You don't need the software if you spend too long on it to do simple tasks like running payroll.

No integration with new apps

You don't need to use different apps for the same tasks. All you have to do is log in to one program. Consider changing your software if it doesn't work with any other apps or integrates poorly with them.

Automatization features are minimal or absent

To make it easier to concentrate on other tasks, automating tasks such as sending monthly invoices to the customer should be done. The automation process is also less likely to make mistakes than manual data entry.

Upgrade to an advanced ERP System and its Benefits

This saves time and allows for little or no downtime

The newer systems are more focused on continual hardware improvement and system maintenance by IT professionals, which allows them to remain online for longer. The ERP System from Arion ERP ensures uptime and data backup. This allows you to focus on your business.

Integration For Maximum Benefits

An ERP system that integrates with other applications ensures that all systems are connected. Integration with other applications improves efficiency and ensures maximum return on investment. You can complete tasks quickly and efficiently with integration.

Data Safety and Security Enhancements

Cloud hosting is a new feature in ERP systems. It allows for storage and continuous server maintenance, as well as data redundancy. This ensures that you won't lose data to hackers or natural disasters. Arion ERP's cloud-based ERP system is protected by its advanced security system.

You can work from anywhere

Modern ERPs can be accessed from any device with IOS and Android functionality. ERP System from Arion ERP allows employees to work remotely from any device, allowing for efficient and fast delivery. The best part is that the data can be accessed from anywhere, including the cloud, so it's not necessary to go into the office.

You can start quickly and upgrade whenever you need

Effective ERP systems allow you to choose the module you require right away and scale it as your business grows. No additional hardware or changes are required during upgrades. Arion ERP's ERP System is simple to use because it allows you to add-ons or customizes the product. The system is easier to use because it has clearly defined functional changes.

Upgrade to an Advanced ERP System

Your legacy financial software may still meet most of your financial needs, but it may not offer the customer service, operational speed boost, or better working environment that you need. We can help you upgrade to Arion ERP, a more reliable ERP system.

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